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Motor optimization is commonly called Trimchip or Chiptrim. For modern car engines, we are now talking about the word motor optimization.

An optimization means increased performance and driving pleasure, but with lower fuel consumption and less emissions of environmentally harmful substances.

Increased power ensures safer overtakes, more torque delivering faster gas response and more efficient combustion also leads to lower fuel consumption.

With the very latest technology in programming and developing customized software tailored to each individual car, our goal is for you as a customer to offer maximum performance with sustained reliability.

In most cases, the control box in the car is modified through the OBD socket.

When we engine optimize your car, it increases the engine power, torque while lowering fuel consumption.

A motor optimization gives you more power, more comfortable registers and simply a funeral car to drive.

We have either Step 1 or Step 2 for most car models.

Step 1 is software only,

Step 2 includes software + downpipe, even air filter in some cases.

If step 2 is not enough then we can use even more aggressive software and peripherals.

All software / software is customized to the customer’s wishes.

All prices include test run, diagnostic check and function check.

We can do a lot of other cars than those found in the scroll list above. If your car is not listed, just contact us and we can discuss and see if we have a solution.

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Vtech engine optimization is developing in Sweden for Nordic conditions.